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The Blank of 3 Years

This is a history for the gap that takes place between
the end of the series and the Nadesico Movie.

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After the "Lizards War" ends in a stalemate, most of the crew of the Nadesico return to Earth where they are under constant surveillance from the United Earth Forces (UEF).


Political Revolution takes place on Jupiter after the truth about Shiratori's death comes out. Both Genichiro and Kusakabe disappear during this time. New leadership comes into power as a result. This new leadership is eager to make peace with the UEF.


With the war officially over, the UEF ends their surveillance of the Nadesico crew.

Yurika wants to "adopt" Ruri, but so does Minato. Mr. Prospector decides that they should prove how much they want her by having a tug-of-war. Well, Minato must be the compassionate one, because she let go first. It all worked out for the best anyway, because Minato already had Yukina to take care of, and Yurika's got all that old money to throw around. Of course, having a young girl to take care of will not slow Yurika down. She promptly signs back up with the UEF, and visits Akito every night at his Ramen Stand.



Yurika's father does not approve of her relationship with Akito. Because of this, Yurika decides to leave home and move in with Akito. Talk about adding fuel to the flame. Now Akito, Yurika and Ruri are all living in an apartment that Akito rents from Seiya Uribatake. There's another problem waiting to happen. So everyone is happy, especially Ruri, who feels that she is finally part of a "family".


Akito knows it's not right to go on just living together. He decides that he must marry Yurika, and in order to do that, he needs her father's approval. Fortunately for Akito, Yurika's father decides that he will let his stomach guide him. He gives Akito a challenge. "Make me some exquisite ramen, and I'll let you marry my daughter". Well how could he know that some guy running a ramen stand would be one of the best ramen chefs on the planet? Guess all that practice paid off for Akito.


The United Confederation is formed between the UEF and the Jovians. Since both sides are unfriendly towards Nergal, Nagare Akatsuki decides that this is a good time to go into hiding.


Akito and Yurika are married. Tears of joy and tears of sorrow are cried. Ruri reflects; "Adults really do have all sorts of different problems"

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On their way to Mars for their honeymoon, Akito and Yurika's shuttle explodes. They are presumed dead, but in fact, were kidnapped by the Martian Successors.

Nagare Akatsuki realizes that class A boson jumpers are disappearing like hotcakes. Because of this, he helps Inez Fresange, another class A jumper, to fake her own death.


The Martian Successors are using both Akito and Yurika for boson jumping experiments. Yurika has been attached to a special computer, and Akito's senses, including taste and smell, are irreparably damaged.

Nergal learns of the Martian Successors, and mounts a rescue operation. Akito is rescued and is intent on revenge against the Martian Successors. Genichiro, who is now working for Nergal, agrees to instruct Akito in advanced piloting so that he can save Yurika.

Ruri, still believing that Akito and Yurika are dead, is invited to live with Minato and Yukina.



Although Akito will not join Nergal, they establish a working relationship. Akito is given an awesome black transforming Aestivalis to help him in his missions. During this time, Akito rescues a young girl named Lapis, a genetically enhanced kid like Ruri, from the Martian Successors.


The Jovian Leader decides to assign a bodyguard to Ruri. Enter Saburota Takasugi.


With Takasugi around to encourage her, Ruri decides to rejoin the UEF. Here she meets Hari Makibi, yet another genetically enhanced kid like Ruri; sort of. They become fast friends and Ruri considers Hari her younger brother.


Ruri is given command of the Nadesico B. Together with Hari and Takasugi, she travels the solar system gaining renown.



Beginning of Nadesico: The Prince of Darkness movie.

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