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Episode Listings & Reflections

Episode 1: To Go Like A ManEpisode 2: Leave the Blue Earth to MeEpisode 3: A Goodbye that Came too SoonEpisode 4: Charmed by Aqua SpaceEpisode 5: Ruri’s Navigation LogsEpisode 6: Sort of Like a Fateful DecisionEpisode 7: The Song That You Will Sing One DayEpisode 8: The Luke Warm “Cold Equation”Episode 9: The Miracle Operation of the Kiss?Episode 10: The Dangers of FemininityEpisode 11: Finding Yourself in a “Routine Plot”Episode 12: Those Unforgettable DaysEpisode 13: There is No Single TruthEpisode 14: Let’s Go With Hot Blooded AnimeEpisode 15: The Significant Other From a Star Far AwayEpisode 16: The Beginning of Nadesico’s WarEpisode 17: A Reunion That Came Too LateEpisode 18: Echoes of Self, Echoes of WaterEpisode 19: You’re the Next Captain of the NadesicoEpisode 20: Run Silent, Run DeepEpisode 21: The Meadows We Once Ran AcrossEpisode 22: Protect the Visitor?Episode 23: A Place We Call HomeEpisode 24: Ubiquitous RighteousnessEpisode 25: Being Myself, Being YourselfEpisode 26: For the Lady We Will Meet Someday

Episode 1: To Go Like A Man

Love. War. Giant Robots. The show opens with the Jovian invasion of Mars. Our main character is sharing his oranges with a little kid, and then… Meanwhile, one year later on Earth, Akito is fired from his job as a fry cook, and is hired as the new cook aboard the Nadesico.

Most Memorable Line:
Akito Tenkawa: “I’m brave, but my feet aren’t. Damn feet.”

Episode 2: Leave the Blue Earth to Me

The plot thickens. Akito’s parents were murdered. The Nadesico is headed to Mars. And the United Earth Forces are commandeering the Nadesico!

Most Memorable Line:
Akito Tenkawa: “CrossCrash? Do I have to say that?”

Episode 3: A Goodbye that Came too Soon

Time to leave Earth and punch through the Big Barrier. Jun is working for the UEF. What’s up with that? It’s really too bad about Gai Daigohji.

Most Memorable Line:
Gai Daigohji: “I’m sorry Miss Nanako, looks like I won’t be able to take you to the beach like I promised.”

Episode 4: Charmed by Aqua Space

Three new pilots. All ladies, and one is a punner. Akito is quite broken up about Gai. I am too.

Most Memorable Line:
Izumi Maki: “As Schrodinger might say, the answer is in the box.”

Episode 5: Ruri’s Navigation Logs

During the long trip to Mars, both Akito and Yurika are busy with funeral stuff. Meditation ensues. By the way, Miss Howmei’s spice rack is kind of cool.

Most Memorable Line:
Megumi Reinard: “Am I? I am? I am? You know, I am what I am.”

Episode 6: Sort of Like a Fateful Decision

Akito explores his roots and finds the Martian colonists. Miss Fresange makes her grand entrance. If only she would have let those colonists be evacuated to the Nadesico.

Most Memorable Line:
Yurika Misumaru: “We could court-martial her. Right?”

Episode 7: The Song That You Will Sing One Day

“Get to know the Nadesico” premiers and Akito knocks out the Admiral. Twice!

Most Memorable Line:
The Admiral: “The Nadesico is your ship. It belongs to you. All of the anger, the hatred, and the passion. All of what you feel is yours, and can never be taken away.”

Episode 8: The Luke Warm “Cold Equation”

Back in Earth Space, the battle continues. Akito continues to struggle for courage. Enter Nagare Ikatsuki and the Heavy Battle Cruiser “Cosmos”. Akito becomes lost in space. Yurika and Megumi mount a rescue mission, but end up getting rescued themselves.

Most Memorable Line:
Nagare Ikatsuki: “What’s wrong Akito? Can’t you stay cool like your Anime heroes?”

Episode 9: The Miracle Operation of the Kiss?

Well, it’s time for a rescue mission. There’s not much for the pilots to do, so Akito is being played by both sides. He goes a few rounds with Nagare in the flight simulator, then Megumi drags him into a virtual reality chamber for a “Virtual Date”. Yurika is meanwhile as hopeless as ever, accidentally tripping an emergency alert in her dismay over Akito’s date.

Most Memorable Line:
Nagare Ikatsuki: “Well there’s no sense crying over spilt milk? Why worry about something you can’t change?”

Episode 10: The Dangers of Femininity

The first swimsuit episode. We start out with Akito avoiding some “lovely” dishes that were prepared by the lovely ladies in his life. We then follow the crew to the beach where Akito finds one good cook who may just be trying to kill him!

Most Memorable Line:
Nagare Ikatsuki & the Aestivalis Pilots: “All right, lets bury him! Yeah!”

Episode 11: Finding Yourself in a “Routine Plot”

The Aestivalis pilots go on a ground mission. Akito and company try to destroy a Jovian super-weapon and run into a mess of tanks.

Most Memorable Line:
Singing Aestivalis Pilots: “Our Aestivalis is a member of our team. Singing together, we are the best of friends…”

Episode 12: Those Unforgettable Days

The ship's computer, Oimakane, is going a little crazy. The UEAF is planning a major software rewrite, but Ruri and the Captain have different ideas. You’ve gotta love those Aestivalis maintenance programs.

Most Memorable Line:
Oimakane: “Those unforgettable days, for them I live.”

Episode 13: There is No Single Truth

It’s Christmastime aboard the Nadesico. There’s a new pilot, but don’t get too attached to her. Akito is out in the cold, until Nergal comes to rescue him?

Most Memorable Line:
Seiya Uribatake “You Get to Burning, It’s Christmastime and I’m hot for you. I’ve got a present, unwrap me baby, it’s a Yule Log”

Episode 14: Let’s Go With Hot Blooded Anime

This is a recap episode with a Gekiganger twist.

Most Memorable Line:
Gai Daigohji: “Hold on right there, leave this baby to me Uribatake. This is the robot for a real hero to fight in. Oh yeah baby, check out those thrusters. But what makes this hunk of heavy metal so hot is the payload. The one and only indomitable me, Gai Daigohji. We have the knowledge, we have the technology. World peace is at hand now.”

The Significant Other From a Star Far Away

It looks like there is an enemy pilot aboard the Nadesico. Yurika’s motives are explored, while Megumi finds the Jovian invader. Major plot twists are revealed in this episode, and the war may never be the same.

Most Memorable Line:
Seiya Uribatake: “Who the heck cares, just kill me now.”

Episode 16: The Beginning of Nadesico’s War

More plot twists flesh out the story line. It turns out that the last 100 years of Earth history has been incorrectly recorded.

Most Memorable Line:
Akito Tenkawa: “No, I don’t want to learn the name of the man I’m trying to kill.”

Episode 17: A Reunion That Came Too Late

Are Uribatake and Hikaru working together on a special project? Is it a plastic model diorama, or a super Aestivalis?

Most Memorable Line:
Ruri Hoshino: “I’m Busted.”

Episode 18: Echoes of Self, Echoes of Water

Ruri wants to find out where she came from. It turns out that she is a princess. Schools of Salmon in a Norwegian Fjord. What a beautiful memory.

Most Memorable Line:
Most Memorable Line: Ruri Hoshino: “Thank you for letting me live. However, as for everything else that you did to me…”

Episode 19: You’re the Next Captain of the Nadesico

Time for a Beauty Contest aboard the Nadesico. What will Yurika do if she doesn’t win? Who will be the next Captain of the Nadesico?

Most Memorable Line:
Nagare Ikatsuki: “I fight because I cannot accept the alternative, and it does not bother me because I know that my cause is just.”

Episode 20: Run Silent, Run Deep

The Lizard’s new Boson Cannon is causing the Nadesico to go on a fishing mission. This episode is actually a pretty good war strategy story.

Most Memorable Line:
Yurika Misumaru: “Say what? A dashing man of action? I’m a cute and adorable young woman!”

Episode 21: The Meadows We Once Ran Across

Time is being confused, and so are personalities. Memory Mahjong is being played, and motives are discussed. Another really good episode.

Most Memorable Lines:

Akito Tenkawa: “All right, let’s all go and kick some ass!”

Akito Tenkawa: “Stop peaking at my memory tiles!”

Akito Tenkawa: “I’ve always thought a real hero was someone who was willing to sacrifice everything in order to keep other people safe. Somebody like Gai.”

Akito Tenkawa: “I never thought I’d be leading an attack inside a ship on a bicycle. Come on, pump those pedals.”

Episode 22: Protect the Visitor?

Yukina has been delivered to the Nadesico and is searching for Minato. Peace negotiations are underway, and puns are in full swing. But don’t get too settled in, the crew may just mutiny!

Most Memorable Line:
Yukina Shiratori: “Tiptoe, tiptoe, tiptoe, tiptoe…”

Episode 23: A Place We Call Home

The Mutineers are trying to keep busy. Nergal is monitoring the former crew, but they continue to make their own plans. Meow.

Most Memorable Line:
Ruri Hensho: “A long time ago, the Admiral told us that the Nadesico was our ship. And despite everything, that’s still how I feel today. This ship is ours, and it’s time to take it back.”

Episode 24: Ubiquitous Righteousness

The Nadesico is on their way to Jupiter. Can they convince either side to believe in peace? No problem. Announcing the first Gekiganger fan festival in outer space!

Most Memorable Line:
Goat Hoary: “It touched my heart, and made me feel like a child.”

Episode 25: Being Myself, Being Yourself

Shiratori is dead and Nergal is back in the picture. It’s time to go back to Mars. The secret of Boson jumping is revealed and Miss Fressange is back for another episode of “Get to Know the Nadesico.”

Most Memorable Line:
Yurika Misumaru: “Akito, I’m getting all sparkly.”

Episode 26: For the Lady We Will Meet Someday

It’s time to wrap it all up. The crew of the Nadesico just needs to figure out how to end the war, teach Nergal a lesson, and secure the Martian ruins. No problem.

Most Memorable Line:
Inez Fressange: “It’s so wonderful to see you again, Mister.”

Runner Up Line:
Ruri: “In the end, that’s all we really have. Memories. Memories of the people who have become my friends and families. Memories that we earned by living through them. Memories that I wouldn’t sacrifice for any price.”

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