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The Prince of Darkness

Itís been three years since the end of the Nadesico television series.

Ruri has become the Captain of the Nadesico-B. Akito and Yurika are apparently dead, and the former crew of the Nadesico has been spread across the solar system.

There are a few new major characters.

Hari Makibi: A genetically engineered child, like Ruri. Ruri looks upon Hari as a little brother.

Saburota Takasugi: A Jovian working for the UE alongside Ruri and Hari.

Lapis: Another genetically engineered child like Ruri. Lapis is Akitoís new sidekick.

The Hisago plan is the new problem. A group known as the Martian Successors is trying to gain control of all boson jumping in the System. They are doing this by experimenting with the Martian Ruins and Expert Jumpers.

The UE and Nergal decide to reassemble the original crew of the Nadesico to staff the all-new Nadesico-C.

I enjoyed seeing this film, but donít expect all mysteries to be revealed. This movie presents more new questions than answers.

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