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Who's Who on the NADESICO

Akito Tenkawa: Our primary character, Akito is a Martian cook who becomes the Ace Backup Pilot aboard the Nadesico.

Yurika Misumaru: The captain of the Nadesico. Yurika is intent on establishing a romantic relationship with her childhood friend, Akito.

Gai Daigohji: The self proclaimed Ace Pilot aboard the Nadesico. Gai loves Giant Robots, and would rather not be known by his human name, Jiro Yamata.

Ruri Hoshino: A genetically modified 12 year-old. Ruri was recruited by Nergal Heavy Industries to be the Science Officer on the Nadesico.

Goat Hoary: Security Chief. Brought on early by Nergal. Goat does a good job of keeping order on the Nadesico.

Mr. Prospector: Nergalís primary representative aboard the Nadesico. Mr. Prospector is always looking out for Nergalís interests.

Jun Aoi: First Officer aboard the Nadesico. Jun is following Yurika with the hope that she may notice him.

Minato Haruka: The Helmswoman aboard the Nadesico, Minato left her job as a secretary to join the crew of the Nadesico.

Megumi Reinard: Megumi is a former voice actress and current communications officer aboard the Nadesico. Megumi is looking for Romance and Adventure and thinks she has found it in Akito Tenkawa.

Ryoko Subaru: Best of the Trio of Lady Pilots. She has a small affection for Akito.

Hikaru Amano: The resident comic-book nerd. One of the three Lady Pilots.

Izumi Maki: The third Lady Pilot. She has a penchant for puns.

Inez Fressange: Designer of the Phase Transition Engines. Inez has a very mysterious past.

Nagare Ikatsuki: A new pilot aboard the Nadesico. Nagare is also a mysterious figure.

Erina Won: Co-Helmswoman of the Nadesico, she is the former secretary of the chairman of Nergal.

Ms. Howmei: The head cook aboard the Nadesico. She is a mentor to Akito.

Seiya Uribatake: Chief Mechanic aboard the Nadesico. He happily left his home to board the Nadesico.

Tsukumo Shiratori: Commander of the Superior Male Jovian Forces.

Tsukiomi Genichiro: Right hand man to Shiratori.

Yukina Shiratori: Little sister of Tsukumo, Yukina does not appreciate her brotherís affection for Minato.

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